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3 Time Long Ball Champion Sean "The Beast "Fister Develops His own Driver

by Scott A. Sumner
    In 1995, 2001 and 2005 Sean Fister won the long ball championship. Each year he won he was the oldest competitor. Now at  age 47 Fister has joined forces with Dixon Golf as their 
representatives. “ The Dixon ball is the best on the market  in my  opinion. It is not cheap when you go quality. They are a small  company and doing things the right way. They are the only company  doing eco friendly and performance which isn't cheap to do also. Distance is my business but I need accuracy.”

     The economy had taken a hit with many in golf and when you are a golf entertainer, the corporate spending on golf events lowers according to Sean Fister. “ I have always been proactive so am doing  my own driver myself. I designed my own driver when I worked with 
Dunlop. When Dunlop got bought out and I got not renewed  I emailed  the foundry owner and said Dunlop kicked me to the curb. If I start my own company will you make them for me and they said  we would be  honoured and you can have the same value pricing,” smiles Fister. 
“  My first customer was President Clinton.I played golf with  President Clinton, Donald Trump and  Joe Torre in the Joe Torre  Charity event in New York. I had my for prototype driver there and  took it with me and lent it to Trump and Clinton. They started  arguing over who would have it. Clinton called me two monthes later  on my home phone from his office. I live in Little Rock and thought  they were trying to raise funds  for their foundation so I blew them  off. One day my wife said the Clinton office called three times  and  don't sound happy. President Clinton has been trying to get a hold of  you for three weeks and it usually doesn't take him this long.I said 
Oh my God I'm sorry. The next day President Clinton calls me up and  tell me  I just love that driver, I hit one 290 the other day, it’s  better than the R9. He said what do you charge for it and I said  $299. You have to sell that for more than that he said and ordered 6  of them. Now I am so busy I  have a to do list with 64 items. I had  54 last week but I put more on the list.  If you hit a driver more than 32 years old you are out of  date.”

   How does someone like me hit it long I asked Sean Fister. “ A   higher loft is good  and club head speed is 70%  but whatever  you  don’t have in speed you can make up in solid contact and angle. If  you are a pure ball stricker you will hit it longer. You should  also  get in shape and perhaps have a 1 inch longer driver. You can read  my  best selling book called the Long Bill Bible available on
It was fun to talk to Sean Fister and play a golf hole with him. Be sure to visit

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