Meet Devereux, a contemporary

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Meet Devereux, a contemporary new line of men's golf apparel

Meet Devereux - A Contemporary New Line of Men's Apparel Two Brothers Who Love the Game and Proper Threads    

 "The clothes you wear tell the story of who you are as a person." Robert Brunner


   The brainchild of Robert and Will Brunner, brothers and avid golfers, the Devereux collection is premium-quality modern menswear that fits the avid golfer's lifestyle while keeping him in-style and authentic.   Devereux is known for simple-yet-sophisticated pieces in contemporary colors and with superb attention to detail.  Clean modern styles are designed to fit properly and inspire performance, both on and off the course.  Specifically tailored to move seamlessly from workday to weekend and beyond, the Devereux line is all about modern sophistication, everyday elegance and simple versatility. These are the clothes you can wear confidently, comfortably and above all - they make the male golfer look as great as they make him feel.

   Robert Brunner, Co-Founder and Creative Director said, "We understand the fashion challenges faced by men today, because we feel them too. Whether out on the course or out on the town, you want proper threads."  Brunner added, "We went looking for clothes that could bridge the gap between modern men's fashion and progressive golf styles, but we came back empty-handed.  So we set out to create what we could not find - the stuff legends are made of."  

  The primary inspiration for this line was the great players and dressers of the game such as Hogan, Palmer, and Player. Through the years, you have seen golf fashion evolve into what it has become today. Devereux was inspired to introduce a more contemporary golf line, while touching on previous fashion statements made on the course years ago.  

   Unique Blend For Super-Soft Feel Devereux uses a unique blend of Pima Cotton/Polyester. The natural (Pima Cotton) and synthetic (Polyester) fiber blend combines the best of both fiber characteristics and has easy care qualities. This is a blend that has a resilient look as well as a high performance functionality.   Devereux sweater knits use a blend of Pima Cotton and Baby Alpaca. This is a wonderful blend that brings out the best qualities of both fibers. Baby Alpaca adds a nice luster, and perfect insulation qualities, to the already desirable Pima Cotton.   Pique For Breath-ability and Resilience Devereux also offers a Pique, which is a Pima Cotton and Spandex blend. This fabrication has a great cooling effect due to the Pima Cotton, and with the addition of Spandex, the Pique retains its resiliency and shape.

The Signature Pocket In tribute to some of the great golfers of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, Devereux has developed a signature pocket that offers a unique, abstract shape. This signature pocket can be found on the Brunner and Welch golf shirts from the Spring 2014 Collection.   Essentials Collection The Essentials Collection offers men a strong foundation to build their wardrobe upon. They are found in the Essential colors Caviar (black), Steel, White and Navy. Devereux is offering Steel as its primary base color. The Essential Golf Shirts come in two styles: the Brunner (left) and the Lindley (right). The Spring 2014 Collection The Spring 2014 Collection introduces the seasonal colors Sea Green and Coral. The Essential golf shirt, Brunner, as well as the Spring line golf shirts: Welch, Matthew, Oliver and Windsor (shown L to R) can be found in both seasonal colors. About Devereux - Founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, CA, Devereux is a premium, contemporary line of men's golf wear.  Offering men "Proper Threads",  Devereux provides style and comfort on and off the course. The Devereux collection  can be found at better clubs, resorts & specialty retailers abroad. To view the collection, visit  

I got to talk to Robert Brunner on the phone where he was at his California office

 Robert Brunner, Devereux

  “ We have one collection in the market and have just launched a second collection after starting the company in 2013. Golf is a great passion of mine, I love the sport and I also love fashion so took those two and fused them together. It was always something I wanted to do. I am a terrible golfer but it is fun to get out there. Sometimes my game all comes together.”

   “ I do all the design and inspiration for the brand. When I played golf I couldn’t find a garment I could play 18 holes in and then leave the course and go out at night  in the same shirt. That is what started me thinking about  a shirt that is functional for golf but also stylish and warm off course. That is all about Devereux.”

 “ The materials can be function for golf but look not so sporty off course. It is about the style as well as on course functionality. We do our own yarn knit, wash it and treat  it is a way that gives it the lightweight luxury and overall performance of the garment. You have to have the player get thought 18 holes and function well in hot or cold temperatures.”  

  “ We manufacture our tops- shirt and sweaters in Peru. We use them because they are known for their luxury cotton for longer lasting and quality which we blend with high quality polyester. I like to say design is an extension of ones personality  so the collection was designed in what I was seeing a void. I like colour which is fun and inviting but I like to use it in a subtle nature. Some people can wear really bright colours but they better be able to play and I can’t play that well! It is an extension of the persons personality. The clothes you wear tell the story of who you are as a person.”  

 “ We are doing well and the brand has been perceived well. It has been great so far. We recently hired a new Director of Sales and Mary Beth to help with PR, who has really helped us. The price point for a polo for example are $80 to $90 to keep competitive pricing. We have our own web site which is helping as well. I’m just a dreamer but understand business.”





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