Evan Littlefield Wins

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US College Player Evan Littlefield Wins

Inaugural Whitewater 
Invitational presented by Boston Pizza


By Scott A. Sumner

    The first ever Whitewater Invitational presented by Boston Pizza  was held at the Whitewater Golf Club over the May long weekend. The 4- day match play event started with a stroke play game to determine the  championship flight rankings and the other flights to make up the 
field of 48 players.  The final championship match on Monday  afternoon featured two local residents who both attend US  universities on golf scholarships, Evan Littlefield and Jeff Hunter.  
Evan won the back and forth match on the 18th hole on a beautiful  sunny day at Whitewater.

   “ It has been a awesome event. We have been looking to do an  invitational event for a long period of time.  The Whitewater golf  course sets up very well for a match play event. It gave us the  opportunity to try multiple tee decks and mix it up each and very day  play with the pin placements. It has been a fun event and well  accepted by the players," said Matt Simmons Director of Golf  Whitewater Golf Club, Thunder Bay, Ontario.  “ We chose the top 10  on the TBDGA list and if they weren't already on the list, the top  ten on the player of the decade. The junior district champion and any  other major winners of 2011 were also given invitations for a total 
of 15 invitations. We had 12 come and play in our event from there.  Part of the invitations went to the Whitewater members and we had  quite a few of them play.”


 Jeff Hunter and Evan Littlefield

   “ Evan Littlefield and Jeff Hunter was an exciting final  championship flight match to watch. Both play US college golf; both  are Core Golf Academy students and Whitewater members. We are very  happy with the condition of the golf course this year, it is  fabulous."smiles Simmons.

   “ It feels good to win. They were hard matches each one of them.  I just played to what I could do out there and got it done when I had to,” said Evan Littlefield, age 20, who had matches against 
Myles Peterson. Barry Caland, Evan Degrazia and then Jeff Hunter in  the final. “ We went back and forth all day and it just seemed I  came out on top at the end but it was tough out there. The conditions  were tough but the course is in great shape right now. The greens are  beautiful. It is really nice for May long weekend.”

    Evan Littlefield is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds  and can hit the ball a long way. Last year he was a freshman at  Western New Mexico in New Mexico. “ It was a great experience 
playing college golf with guys from all over America and seeing what  that is like. It was tough. We played in 6 events. There are a lot of  good players in my division from California. There are lot of good  players here in Thunder Bay as well,” noted Littlefield. “  I am  planning on playing all the local events and try and come to the  course every day and play 18 or practice.   I haven’t decided on  what my course specialty is yet, right now I am taking golf.”

   Evan Littlefield spent two years at the Core Golf Academy in  Orlando before starting his college golf career.  “ It was amazing  at Core Academy.  The coaching there got my mental game improved  drastically. They just helped me plot my way through the golf course.  I spent my senior year in high school and post graduate year working  with Sean Foley, Jeff Hay and Tom Jackson," smiled Evan. “ It  was amazing having my grandfather out here watching who turned 95  today.  I was playing for him, every shot I hit was for him, and it  feels good.”



Eric Peterson,  age 95 grandfather, Evan Littlefield, Frank Littlefield, father

 Jeff Hunter of Thunder Bay was in the championship match and  enjoyed the competition. “ I was good fairway to green but not  very good off the tee box and it kind of killed me. I was hitting 
the driver well coming into this event, but not at the event. The 3  wood went well so I should have kept the driver in the bag a little  bit more I think,” said Jeff Hunter who attends Southeastern 
Oklahoma University located 1 1/2 hours north of Dallas and is a the  4.0 student taking accounting. “ This was my second year in the US.  It went well. I made the all conference team playing 10 events.   School is easier for me than golf for some reason.”

   Hunter has also attended the Core Golf Academy program in  Orlando. “ It was a great experience. I leaned a lot about golf and  met a bunch of cool people so I wouldn’t change it for the  world," smiles Hunter who had I had a couple top 10s this year and  a second last year in college golf.  “ I like playing golf  although it is a tough game and it is hard to get better.  Sometimes  it just clicks for some people. I have two years left at school to  figure out what to next. I would like to play golf full time but that  goes for everybody in this tournament I think. There is a long way to  go before that for sure. It was good to do well at this event.”



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