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Timberton Golf Club in Mississippi

by Scott A. Sumner


 The Timberton Golf Club of Hattiesburg, Mississippi was built in 1991 and is 7100 from blue tees. A Mark McComber  design it is owned  by Ron Hickman,  PGA Master Professional. Timberton has 300 members  with 70% member play and 30% from outside forming their 27,000 rounds  annually. It  costs $900 initially to join and you receive a $200 pro  shop gift certificate and $135 per month thereafter with no  assesments or food minimums. The regular  green fee is $59 which  includes cart and tax.

    Play has been down since the storm. 10 years ago it was 60%outside play and 40% inside play so we have seen a big drop in  outside players after Katrina . Our membership has grown thought with the influx of Katrina people, said Richard Walsh Head Golf  Professional at Timberton Golf Club.
    I like the course because you can hit every club in your bag. It  is a fun golf course. There are really only two holes where you will  see another hole so it is secluded. The uniqueness is the course is built in a housing development but it is not like some developments  where you see houses on both sides of hole. Most of the holes are  secluded, noted Walsh. We have a new 62 lot home division going in.  We used to be 27 holes but after Katrina golf has been down and land prices up. We had to lease a good portion of the land so we turned 4  holes into lots that range in price from $79,000 to $99,000.
    On the day in late February we played  Timberton it was76  degrees.  In January or February you can get anything from 25 to 60  degree F day by day. March through June is really kind of comfortable  at 70 to 80. June to Sept it will be 90, smiled Walsh who says a few  Canadians play the course. I like the warmth. It is a good golf  value here.We need more hotel rooms. They are working on a golf  trail  here like in Alabama.

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