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The Year Of The Wedge: Clevland Golf

by Scott A. Sumner

  Chris Coughlin, Sales Representative for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario with Cleveland Golf held a demo day at the Whitewater Golf Club recently. “ We are doing club demos and a scoring clinic giving people information on the different aspects of a wedge as far as bounce, soul design, what the grooves are and what they accomplish. 70% of your shots are made from inside 120 yards so wedges have a big impact on how you score. Even the average golfer can hit a pitching wedge in that range today as they have made the lofts on clubs stronger now. Years ago a pitching wedge was 48 degrees, now it is 45 or 46 degrees of loft so it is not that we are hitting it longer although we have better balls.” said Coughlin.
Wedge selection should be a even gap of 4 to 6 degrees say with a PW at 46 and other wedges at 50, 54 and 58 with 54 being the SW. Some golfers carry 52, 56 and 60 for their gap and sand lofts, according to Coughlin.

“ 2010 is the year of the wedge because next year there is a new groove rule coming in to become smaller and not as deep so it will eliminate a lot of spin on the ball especially out of the rough. The rule effects the touring pros this year and next year the manufacturers can not sell the groove in play, although amateur players can still use and retailers still sell it if available. By 2014 the big amateur events will have to switch over to the conforming groove. The average player can use it to until 2024. The year of the wedge is 2010. Our wedges can be custom ordered for length but the majority are in the standard lie.The CG 15 wedge retails at about $139.” said Chris Coughlin. “ The golf business is coming back a little back. It is has been flat for a few years. The juniors are making a come back which is a good sign.”

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