The Tiger Effect: Golf Has

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The Tiger Effect: Golf Has Changed,
Can He Come Back ?


by Scott A. Sumner
   It was September 1996 and my dad and I were at the Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario to watch the Canadian Open. A new player in the field playing one of his first professional events was none other than Tiger Woods. He seemed pretty average to us then but little did we
know the impact this player would have on the game of golf. He won shortly  that fall of 1996 for his first PGA win and the rest as they say is history.

    It was fun to watch Tiger win so often including seeing his win at the 2000 Canadian Open. Everyone remembers the spectacular run of 4 major wins in a row and special events like the US Open at Torre Pines where he had a leg injury and still beat Rocco in a playoff. My last
time seeing Tiger play in person was at the  2009 President’s Cup at Harding Park, San Francisco. Little did I know that shortly after that event the life of Tiger would change and he wouldn’t win again.
    Amazing, is all you could say to the fact that Tiger would not win an event for so long and be number 13 in the World Golf Ranking. He owned the number 1 spot for ever it seemed. So the game has changed without the amazing feats of Tiger Woods. I certainly miss his success
and wonder will he ever come back. At age 35 can Tiger dominate or even win again?
    For me the answer is yes. Tiger is just too focussed and driven to not put everything he’s got into getting back his form. Here is a guy worth hundreds of millions of dollars  years ago with several  multi-million dollar houses, a huge boat, private jet etc., etc. and he still was driven to win. I think his desire to eclipse the Jack Nicklaus major record is still there. I also think Tiger has a personal level of pride that drives him to be the best. He  does have the skills and mental toughness to achieve the best in my opinion.
    My hope is Tiger can come of the blocks soon and win again, preferably a major. The British Open could be his next opportunity and I’ll be watching him for sure. I bet many of you will be watching as well! If he wins,  the game of golf wins.

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