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The Miura MG is the Peoples’ Hybrid



Golf clubs serve people, not the other way around.  That is the philosophy of Muira Golf. They listened carefully to golfers to determine their true intent in using hybrids. What they were told  harkens back to the true meaning of the word: a useful blend of the characteristics of two or more good things.


What was discovered first and foremost is that golfers use hybrids to aim at pinpoint targets, just as they do with irons. So it made sense to adopts a blade-like face design, to extend to the hybrids the same sense of security golfers feel with Miura irons. Now, the more advanced player can work a hybrid into his bag confidently and hit the shot he intends, instead of wondering whether the flight will flare off line.

The Circle Cut Sole method

A number of design features combine to achieve this liberating effect. The MG moves smoothly and strongly through the turf, thanks to experiments we did with the sole.

Muira developed a method called Circle Cut, in which they cut a line through the sole in a strategic spot. This creates a second tier; a step, if you will. And of course, this moves the center of gravity -- but not to its lowest point, as we thought it might. Instead, the Circle Cut Sole puts the CG in the best place -- low, to be sure, but not bottomed out. Now, the center of gravity contributes to a forceful flight that stays on line, even as it gains enough height to hold the green on landing.

Other features are more subtle, but no less important. The I.P. black finish makes the MG look more compact, which focuses player concentration at address. And the sole relief in the toe and heel is calculated to optimize that turf travel.

Ideal balance of height

With the MG Hybrid, it’s not all about the volume of the head. Rather, we suggest golfers focus on the height of the face.

At address, the height of the face is almost the same as the height of the ball: 43mm. Because of this, players can think of the MG as an iron at address, and hit the ball the same way as an iron.

Just be sure to hold your finish. You’re going to enjoy what you see.

 It was my pleasure to add the MG Hybrid3 to my bag. It has worked extremely well for me especially out of rough where I can find myself often!

About Miura Golf   Miura's broad forged iron line has choices for all players, including the Tournament Blade and Small Blades (muscleback models), MB001 Blade and the Passing Point 9003 and CB-501 (cavity backs). Forged wedges include the Wedge Series (in silver nickel chrome and black) and the Series 1957 By Miura Custom Grind Wedges. There are also three models of putters, and the SIT-460 driver and fairway woods, plus Miura MG Hybrids.   Miura golfers buy more than clubs. All Miura clubs are custom fitted by authorized Miura dealer/fitters with each individual golfer getting not only properly fitted clubs, but a partner in his or her game. Miura dealers are famous for service after the sale and continuing relationships with players they fit, from informal discussions about equipment, practice, and technique to hands-on monitoring of loft, lie, weight and all the crucial golf club metrics. Miura golfers don't just play Miuras - they entrust their games to the clubs, and to the company. It's an honor and an obligation Miura never forgets.   Miura Golf Inc. markets Miura brand products exclusively around the world (except for Japan) from its headquarters in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For more information, visit Follow Miura on Facebook at and on Twitter at @MiuraGolfInc.

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