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TGA Premier Junior Golf Launches After-School Golf Programs in Sault Ste. Marie - Sudbury


Leading youth sports franchise company and school based activation model enriches the lives of students in Canadian schools.  


by Scott A. Sumner

  Darren Hore, owner of the Meadow Park Montessori School in Sault Ste. Marie has joined one of the leading youth sports companies in North America, by acquiring a TGA Premier Junior Golf (TGA) franchise.  


The first after-school TGA programs will begin in Sault Ste. Marie this week at F.H. Clergue Public School and Rosedale Public School. More schools will be coming online over the next few months including Sudbury schools in the fall of 2014.  

 TGA (Teach-Grow-Achieve) has become a global leader in growing the game through its self-sustaining activation model that makes golf accessible and affordable for all youth. The company launched its first international franchise business in Spain in 2012, and now has brought its successful school-based business model to schools across Canada.  

 Hore studied Business at Carleton University in Ottawa, ON and Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College in London, ON. He has owned the Meadow Park Montessori School in Sault Ste. Marie for seven years. He discovered TGA while exploring alternate business opportunities that could complement his experience in operating a Montessori school.   "I truly believe in the idea that children learn best and flourish from experiencing a vast variety of opportunities. This could be through sport, academics or real life experiences,” said Hore. “When new opportunities are presented to children, they can explore new interests, develop new skills and uncover new talents. The programs offered by TGA provide an array of possibilities for children to learn and explore their own abilities."  

 TGA of Sault and Greater Sudbury will impact thousands of youth annually by activating and engaging youth (ages 3-13) in golf through a year-round, multi-level enrichment program. TGA’s programs are conducted indoors and outdoors on school campuses and at community centers where TGA provides all the golf equipment for participating students.   The curriculum is designed to enrich the lives of students through incorporating physical activity, health, nutrition and character building, as well as supplement core academic subjects like math, science, reading and social studies in each lesson.

    In addition, TGA has developed a Player Pathway model, which transitions students from school-based programs to local partner golf courses through a variety of summer camps, parent-child events, and leagues. The TGA program also serves as a feeder program for golf association junior programs and tournaments.   "I like that the TGA program not only introduces students to the game of golf but it also introduces them to common social courtesies and practical life skills that they can use every day throughout their lifetime,” said Hore.

Darren Hore, Owner TGA of SAULT STE MARIE and Sudbury.

   “ TGA is the largest after school golf program in the US. They have close to 50 locations in the US. We opened Sault Ste Marie as the first territory in Canada last year.”  

  “  We are trying to promote junior golf and get more kids playing golf. The way that we do that  is to bring the game directly to them at their schools at the end of the school day. Interested children register with our program and from September  to June, we do a variety of 6 week sessions.  In the north with our climate it keeps the kids playing golf all year round as we have a limited outdoor season. We introduce  them to skills throughout the year, keep them practicing and then they transition to the golf course during the summer months.”  

  “Our  program is not just about golf. We want to grow the game by bringing in more players  at a younger age, but we are also trying  to use the game to encourage life skills. We do this by  teaching them about  respect,  honesty and cooperation skills they use on the course and their everyday life. We  also want  to use the game of golf to reinforce the academic skills they are learning in the classroom,  say make math or geography more interesting for them.”

“ The reason we are successful is it is a new game many have not been exposed to and provides excellent life skills. We bring the game to the kids at their schools. In the winter we go to the gym and then the outdoor fields.”  

 “ We started TGA in Sudbury this week. In Sault Ste Marie we have 15 schools and 135 students playing golf for the first time with us. It is a 5 level program like martial arts where they work through levels with more difficult challenges and then will be able to go the golf course.”   

  The cost of a  6 week session in Sault Ste marie is $99  for 60 to 75 minutes 1 day a week. During the school year they try to fit in 4 or 5 sessions. About TGA Premier Junior Golf TGA Premier Junior Golf (TGA) is an innovative franchise model for self-starters who enjoy working with children in a business venture that provides a unique entry into youth sports, education and the golf industry.  For more information about TGA Premier Junior Golf, visit or follow @TGAJuniorGolf on Twitter.

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