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Former Terrace Bay Resident Paul Daskewhich Now In Campbell River, BC

by  Scott A. Sumner
   Paul Daskewhich is the head golf professional at Storey Creek, Campbell River, BC and was born and raised in Terrace Bay, Ontario.
     "I went through and played all my junior golf in the Thunder Bay area.  After that went to Bemidgi State University in MN and was playing hockey but excelled more in the golf area."  notes Paul Dashewhich.  He decided to pursue professional golf and after graduating obtained his professional tour card and played the Canadian Tour from the mid 80s until 1990.  Daskewhich gained his 5 year apprenticeship program at Predator Ridge and was there when it first opened up.
   The Storey Creek course is owned by a non profit society that owns the golf course but not the trees.  You will never see a residential development around Storey Creek.  It's all golf with an outstanding reputation on the island and lower mainland of BC as a pretty strong golf course.  It is one of Les Furbers first designs in Western Canada and I think is one of his best designs.  What you see is what you get out there, cut right out of nature.  Former PGA Tour player Dave Barr opened the course.
      "My energies are not on my golf game any more.  I just enjoy the game as a recreational player," laughs Daskewhich.  "We are close to 40,000 rounds per year between the membership play and green fee play.  There are 400 members to the society and 250 are active golf members.  To join this society it is $5000 and thats good for a couple.  Then your annual dues are $1400 per person and with that you become a voting member, get advanced booking privileges and discounts.  If you leave the society it is $3000 refundable so it is very good deal.  To have a product like this in Campbell River with very affordable golf is excellent.  I don't miss the winters and chilly temperatures or being able to see the golf course before noon.  I seen all four corners of BC and you can see why it is a magnet to retire here."

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