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TBCC Invitational Exciting  Final Match

By Scott A.Sumner
Northwestern Ontario Golfing News
    An up and down very close final match between good friends Andrew  Scavarelli and Jamie Depiero ended on the 17th green when Jamie missed a 4 foot putt which would have extended the match to 18. Andrew Scavarelli won his first TBCC Invitational up 2 and 1 after an enjoyable golf match. This is my second time in the championship flight. Last year  I lost in the finals to Barry Caland  in a similar way to how Jamie did this year. Jamie has nothing to worry about as his time to win will come. smiled the 21 year old Andrew Scavarelli.

image    It was a close match today where no one was up by more than 2 at any time. I had the lead on the front nine and Andrew did on the back. It was an up and down match that was really tight, smiled Jamie Depiero, age 17. We are both members here at the TBCC so knew the
course well, but the rough was much longer than usual. It put a premium on hitting the fairways because it was pretty penile being in the rough.
     Jamie and I played together in the qualifying. Making some  key putts helped this day and having the experience from being in last years final was key. It also helped playing Jamie, being a good buddy of mine. You try not to think of the pressure, just  hit one shot at a time. If you start thinking about what if it doesn't work. Also you  should expect your partner to make all his shots. noted Scavarelli.
   I had three bad holes- 8,9, 10 and was leading up until those  holes. My swing kinda fell a part  although I  was able to get it  together on the back. I just missed a few too many putts I guess.  Missing the short putt on 17 was hard. I thought I hit  a good one but   there was just a little too much break I guess, stated DePiero.   Overall it was a good game. My goal in golf is to try and get a  scholarship, you never know. I had so much fun today especially playing
with Andrew. I hope to go to LU year next year for education and maybe  go out of town for my second year somewhere for golf.
    The first tee shot is a little nervous but Jamie and I talked most  of the round unlike the other matches. As soon as you make the turn and  the final stretch though there  was not as much talking, smiled  Andrew.  We are good friends and both are going back to school or  work come Monday so we are not as serious. I am going into my third  year of Finance in the Commerce program at LU. I think I am a little  too old to be pursuing any scholarships with the younger kids getting  so good these days.  I will stay here and get my degree and look for my
future in golf with perhaps some provincial tournaments and just go  from there and hope for a break.  I was supposed to go to Niagara Falls  and take the golf management program but I decided to stay at LU and  get my business degree.You could always go back and do the one year  program and become a club pro but I think I like the business side of  things better.
   Scavarelli is working at the TBCC this summer as well as at Northern  Woods in the sawmill so will play as many tournaments as he can. In the  bag he is all Titleist.   I haven't played a lot of golf until this past week, which I had off  of work, so it was good to get ready. LU is starting up a golf program  and just got accepted into playing in the OUA this fall so there is a  golf team brewing at LU. Jamie would be an excellent addition to the  team.We would play in Southern Ontario and are also looking at the  Dakota's where the University of Manitoba plays and some of the  colleges in Minnesota. I know LU won a NCAA championship many years ago  in Texas with guys like John Valley on the team. noted Andrew  Scavarelli.    It was fun to watch some of the final round of this 40 year old  golf  event in Thunder Bay.We certainly have some  xcellent ,young, very  professional golfers coming up  the ranks here in Northwestern Ontario.

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