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Canadian US Golf College Player Wins Strathcona Invitational

by Scott A. Sumner

  Mark Sommerfeld, age 19 from Waterloo, Ontario won the 74th Strathcona Invitiation in convincing style this past weekend.  Sommerfeld just graduated from high school in January and will be going to Detroit Mercy as a freshman with Kyler Murphy of Thunder Bay.  "We meet in the last two years playing junior golf in Canada and became good friends.  He invited me up to play the Strathcona Invitational this week."  stated Mark Sommerfeld.  "I started golfing at age 10, when I went to a golf camp at Pike Lake in Southern Ontario for two summers and fell in love with the game.  I've been playing ever since in as many competitive events as I can.  I started playing seriously when I was 15 or 16 and going strong ever since".  Sommerfeld is at the golf course every day whether playing or practicing and spends at least 5 hours every day playing or practicing in between work and school.  He is an honour roll student with marks in the 80s who will take international business at Detoit Mercy.
    "I thought Strathcona was a great layout.  I never been to Thunder Bay so I didnt know what to expect but the I thought the greens were excellent for how dry the rest of the course was.  I guess they must be putting all the water they have on the greens.  They were ood putting services."  notes Sommerfeld.  "When I leave here on Wednesday Im going to go home and then drive to Quebec to try to qualify for the Canadian Amateur so hopefully I continue to play well."
   In the qualifying Sommerfeld shot 71 so it was good enough for s seventh after the first day.  "I played Kyler Murphy in the first match and won 1 up.  The second match I played Robert Cumming, who top qualified with a 66 and won that match.  The third match was Jesse Liman and then Darcy Donaldson in the final round from Marathon," notes Sommerfeld.  "He had a bad start.  I made four pars and two birdies in the first six holes and was up 6 after six.  I quess it  was kind of lucky.  He won hole ten when I hit it into the bush but I just played steady.  It was hard for him to come back from his poor start.  You never like to see a competitor struggle like that but I guess thats just the way it happened today."
    "I say this is my biggest win.  I won an invitational in Waterloo called the Tri City Invitational but it wasn't quite as big as here.  This is a great tournament.  I love how they have the match play and the stroke play in a three day tournament," smiles Sommerfeld.  "My goal is to go to Detroit Mercy and wins some tournaments in college, play as well as I can and  get my degree.  Then I'll  try to turn pro and play golf professionally as a touring pro."  Mark Sommerfeld has been doing some cardio, running and some weight training but with the golf in the summer its hard to do a lot of weight training.  "When we go to school we will be on a weight training program
so I'm excited about that."  says Sommerfeld.  We'll have to follow the progress of this young golfer as he goes after his dream.

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