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Sophisticated Fitting Lab Makes a Stop In Thunder Bay: The Golf Lab



by Scott A. Sumner

   When I drove past the Whitewater Golf Club recently I saw a large motorhome RV parked at the driving range. Local golf professional Dustin Wilson had arranged for the mobile golf fitting centre on wheels to spend some time here so that several high level players could get some analysis of how their equipment matched with their swing and whether improvements could be made to help increase distance or golf ball flight paths.    “ We are driving out west to Victoria, BC to be at the first PGA Tour Canada stop there. After that we will continue back and be at each of their tournament stops such as Calgary, Fort McMurray and Winnipeg to help players with their equipment needs,” said Eddie Crosbie, Head Lab Technician, The Golf Lab based in Vaughan, Ontario.     The Golf Lab operates from a 26,000 square foot indoor training facility equipped with Trackman  Launch Monitor units in each hitting bay, V1 video to record your swing, a gym,  two Chiropractors and a personal trainer on staff, 2 60 foot indoor greens and a sand trap. They do all their own club fitting and are a state of the art of facility in Canada and beyound. The Golf Lab also offers a 3D system where you wear a complete suit with digitized points to your body, custom to you. There is also force plate which tells details of your weight transfer.


    “ We can  do a complete club set build from this RV on the spot and could do it in about 45 minutes provided we have the stock. We offer a  system called Club Connects, one of only four places in Canada that has it available. It allows us to apply any shaft to any head, eg a Taylor Made shaft to a Titeleist head. It gives you countless options,” said Eddie.

    “ You need to have the clubs fit to your swing. We find out first what you are looking for. For example if an extra 10 yards of distance would be great we  would put you you on the Trackman and see what you are currently doing and offer ways to improve. We have a complete training program and lessons ongoing from our Vaughan facility. It is really the same type of service the PGA Tour players would get,” noted Eddie. “We are brand agnostic and can offer any brand of equipment and get you what you hit the best. It is more suited fit for you instead of being tied down to one club brand. If you are taking lessons we get you clubs and once you start getting better we tweak those clubs to help you. Our own build shop will allow us to make the changes.”   


  The club flitters  at The Golf Lab are club builders as well and they work better for the player as one person is  doing the final product. The cost for the services vary and can include memberships. You can start with a full 2 hour initial assessment and then develop a training program.

   “ When I was in Toronto many of my co workers  then are now working at the Golf Lab. We were fortunate to get their mobile tour van here in Thunder Bay. NWO Golf partnered up with the Golf Lab  and we are looking at doing some custom club fitting together,” said Dustin Wilson. “ Some of the players I have coached here are out today on the Trackman trying different shaft and head options seeing what works best to get maximum distance. Also we looked over the lofts and shafts of their irons to make sure they are good for them.  We hope to have the Golf Lab mobile unit come back in July just before the Canadian Open and we will offer some general public fitting days.”

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