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Pinseeker Technology from Bushnell Prominent on New Products

by Scott A. Sumner
   Jordan Vermillion is the Senior Product Manager  for  Bushnell which also owns the Bolle  & Serengeti eyewear brands. He gave a  press conference announcement of two new product offerings by  Bushnell for 2008 at the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show.

    The Tour V2  model with Pin seeker technology will allow the golfer to zero in on the flag with out accidently picking something  else up in the background which could have more reflectology. We  started the Pinseeker system 2 years ago but every model will have it  now.
If you have seen golfers on the course looking through what seems  like a binocular towards the pin you are probably seeing a Bushnell  product.said Jordan Vermillion.
   You get used to using this product. You look through it and get  the distance immediately. The laser beam is travelling extremely  fast. You can also magnify the course up to 7 times so you can see  more depth and detail. We understand GPS  technology as well as we  use it in the hunting side of our business. There are satellites in  the sky and right now 10 to 15 yards is the most accurate they will  get as provided by the governments. We can get with in 1 yard 
accuracy with our system, noted Vermillion.
    The new model Pin Pro was  just announced at the 2008 PGA  Merchandise Show and will be out later this spring.Some people want  to use the unit  up to their eye like a speed gun. There is no  magnification on the Pin Pro and it is like a radar gun, very easy to  use. It is prism dependant on the flag  and has the pinseeker technology.You will see Pin Pro only at the Pro shops as each course will need  the prisms to place on their flags.
  According to Vermillion tour caddies have  used the Bushnell  product for 13 years. 98% use Bushnell  on the PGA Tour,93 % on the LPGA and 90% on the Seniors Tour.

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