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Ping Golf Takes Golfers Through Their Fitting Process

by Scott A. Sumner
     Golfers are always interested in something new that will improve their game and recently Ping Golf held an equipment day at the Whitewater Golf Club Learning Academy. "We are at Whitewater Golf Club taking people through the fitting process whether it is for driver,
putter, hybrid, irons or wedges. Ideally we are trying to line up proper loft and shaft for the driver for optimum launch conditions and tighter shot dispersions, hopefully improving over the current driver they are playing," said Colin Gilliard, Sales Representative for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and NW Ontario for Ping based in Winnipeg." In 2010 we have launched two product lines, the Ping G15 and I 15. The I15 has a different head shape with not as many lofts options, more of a traditional golf club for the better player that likes to looks down at something. Our G15 is used mostly on tour or with the Rapture rather than I15. The biggest difference compared to the G10 of the past is higher launching with less spinning creating more ball speed to carry the ball farther."
    The advancement from G10 to G15 according to Gilliard was making the face 7% larger, thinning out the crown and removing some weight. The G15 is now externally weighed in the back which helps create gravity away from the face. "We have created ball speed by having a larger face and increasing the gram weight but not affecting the club head speed. The G10 and G15 have a similar look but there are differences you may not see. We have strengthened the loft so you will hit the club longer. It is much more perimeter weighted than the G10. It is a better reacting golf club, said Gilliard. "The G15 driver is amazing, it is just that good. With Ping if it wasn't that good we would be still making the G10. It is a better product."
" There is only one fit centre in Canada which is in Oakville, but we have the ability to travel around with launch monitors. We try to create a fitting facility at every location we go to with our priority software called N Flight and the trackman or flight scope." said Gilliard.

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