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Mizuno Golf Brings Their Fit System To NW Ontario

by Scott A. Sumner

   Jason Katcher is the Mizuno Golf Sales Representative and based in Winnipeg. He covers Manitoba,  Saskatchewan and NW Ontario, as is done by about 90% of the reps who serve NW Ontario. “We are agents for Mizuno to sell their equipment with Demo Days and Fit Days. More and more it is becoming a fit system. We have different weighted heads with different shafts and with the shaft optimizer I am able to take the fit cart from 44 shafts to 3 steel shafts as well as graphite and rifle options in just a few golf swings. It has become a real aid in fitting,” said Jason Katcher.

The shaft optimizer will take 5 readings including head speed, tempo, toe down, kick angle and release factor. It averages these factors on the swings and puts them in a graph form on the
laptop. “ The shaft is the engine of the golf swing. Without the right fit, it is very difficult to play regardless of the grip or head on the club. You will see some buying of clubs off the rack but today, you try irons to get a feel of what they are but I would say 90% of people get fit for
their clubs. At Mizuno, I fill out the fit sheet with all the specs as far as length, lie angle, shaft and grip size and send it to Mizuno who will build in 7 to 10 days. They are made in Toronto. Today with the fit system I can do a lot more.” said Katcher.
Mizuni has some high profile players using their equipment such as Luke Donald, Jeff Overton, Brian Gay and Jonathon Byrd. They offer two main configurations of irons- MP58 usually for handicaps from 0 to 15 and the MX58. The MP is more game enhancement and MX more improvement. “Today you see more combination sets with hybrids and say MP 58’s from
6 iron to PW and MX in 3 to 5 irons for better results. Even with low handicap players you see more hybrids. Some people start their set at 5 irons  and a lot less use 3 irons,” said Katcher. “We have the MP6390 line of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids using the Fast Track system
that allows a player to adjust two weights on the golf club to enforce a fade or draw or remain in neutral. With the advancement in technologies it really allows us to fit the club to the player, rather than having the player adjust to the golf club. It has been a great technology.”
According to Jason Katcher even a player of the calibre of Luke Donald will adjust the driver based on each week on tour, whether the golf course lends itself to a fade or draw. Mizuno is on site at all the PGA tournaments for guys like Luke Donald but the tool is in the head cover
and allows everyone to do the adjust themselves.At Mizuno irons retail start at $700  and drivers $400. “We have been seen as a higher end player club but we have game mprovement  as well. We do irons the best and for all levels. The golf business has been good. I like the field.” said Jason Katcher.

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