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Miura Golf President Adam Barr Talks About Irons


by Scott A. Sumner


    Adam Barr, the new President of Miura Golf, is a familiar name to many golfers. He was an on air personality on the Golf Channel for 12 1/2 years and specialized in equipment reports. “ There were some staff changes at the end of 2009 at the Golf Channel. I went out on my own
and started a web site called www.adambarrgolf.com and did similar video stories that I had done  previously on the Golf Channel. Miura approached me to work for them in the summer of 2010. I had met the family in 2003 in Japan doing a story on Miura as well as the Vancouver
people who ran North America for Miura. It is a much different position than being in the press box. Now I am a member of the Miura team and can cheer for it as much as I want.  This new position for me has been great, it is fantastic.” said Adam Barr.

    “ Miura Golf is for a lot of players no matter what their ability level. It is is the pinnacle  for what they are looking for in a iron. We offer the classic look and feel that people who prize good golf
striking are looking for. It doesn’t mean you have to be  a plus 2 handicap. There are many golfers, including a higher handicap like myself, that are always looking for that strike. The distinction is the craftsmanship that goes into the club. There is so much hand work or artisanship involved in it,” said  Barr. “ There are never many sets of these made. The forging is done under the supervision of Mr. Miura and his two sons  in Japan. There are a few machine operations but it is pretty much hand finishing by Mr. Miura and his sons and the few people
they have trained to do this type of work.”
   Miura Golf is almost a boutique type of business. “  We don’t put out as many sets of irons but we do put out fantastic irons with no tiny air pockets. The strike is so pure because the steel behind it is substantial  and so consistency fine grained.” notes Barr.
    The Miura Golf irons are made in Japan in a medium sized city, a 2 1/2 hour ride on the fastest train west of Tokyo. They were unaffected by the events in Japan. The company has a Vancouver office that handles relationships with North America  and there are other distributorships around the world. President Adam Barr lives  in Orlando as there is no
reason for him to be in Vancouver.  The company has  independent dealers who have qualified to be Miura dealers because they believe in the product and know a significant amount about building the club in the custom manner that it deserves. Miura has over 90 dealers in US and
12 in Canada and can they be found on the website www.miuragolf.com
    “ We don’t tell our expert fitter how to fit you. Some want you to hit a lot of balls, some less, but all use some type of radar based software like Trackman. They can be  outdoors or inside. The end result is a golf club that is fitted to client,” said Barr.
“ Some of the heads we have in stock and can be assembled right away and ready in a few days. If something is custom it can be done in Japan. Once people get fitted they get excited and don’t want to wait. In most cases, we can get  people their clubs in a day or two.”
    The Miura iron clubs  are quite expensive because of the hand work involved and the quality of the steel. They  can cost from $200 to $250 a stick according to Barr. “  One thing we notice is people aren’t worried about expense or as soon as they hit them they find a way to pay for them,” smiles Barr. “ We don’t pay touring professionals to use our clubs but if a tour player wants to try our clubs we will give them a set. Players who use them tend to stick with them. Nick Price won the Toshiba event earlier this year and still plays them. He is very excited about the clubs.”
    Miura Golf also make wedges as part of the family which are forged as well and are extremely useful. Some people might start with the wedges and go to the irons later on according to Barr.
    “ Our irons can help any player. People shouldn’t be afraid of it. It is a question of how easy it is to square off the head.  Our new Passing Point 9003 irons will help people who don’t hit it as
consistently,” said Barr.
   The founder  of Miura Golf, Mr Miura is in his 60’s and is a good golfer. He began work in the golf business at an early age and has enjoyed making his own product which has been very successful.

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