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Men’s Nights at Your Golf Course: The Place To Be On A Weekday Afternoon

by Scott A. Sumner
   Each Wednesday during golf season you will see lots of cars in the parking lots of many golf courses. It could be a different night at some courses but at my course, the Whitewater Golf Club in Thunder Bay, every wednesday at 2pm is men’s night. This is a friendly competition
amoungst golfers who have a shot gone start of 4 man teams. You play some golf, talk about what’s going on in Thunder Bay, tell some jokes and then go in for a buffet dinner.  This happens for the whole summer starting in May and ending in September. If you were to add up what the cost of all these business owners, doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers and others are losing in their offices it might be a large number but they do it week after week. Why you might ask? Because it is fun being out in the fresh air. The comradery, the well meaning kidding you might get from your playing partners or the thrill of a good shot.

    In our club the “ Mens Night” has become an elaborate set up. There is a sponsor each week who will have special contests on the course for closest to the tee on a par 3, longest drive on a par 5 or closest to a rope line with your tee shot on a par 4. Some sponsors had free cart privileges for drinks, candy bars or snacks. Others had putting contest before the play started. All in all it is a fun afternoon and a nice break in the work week for most. In our club we have an online commentary on the participants which is fun to read. The food tastes
great after the game and then you are on your way home thinking about next Wednesday.
   It’s been fun writing about golf in NW Ontario and elsewhere this season. I hope you have a great remainder of the season  with good weather and look forward to coming back at you with our publication next May. In the meantime visit for your golf information!

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