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Local Juniors Get First Class Golf Instruction:
Whitewater Golf Club

by Scott A. Sumner


   Junior golf will be prominent at the Whitewater Golf Club this year  according to Matt Simmons, Director of Golf at Whitewater Golf. “ We are trying to develop excellence at the junior level and  are  starting with junior programs for those 13 to 18  years old.  We are  looking to develop  the juniors game for tournament golf and possibly  allow them to  go on to golf scholarships  but also  to develop as  great golfers and individuals,”said Simmons. “  For a price of $50  they will get 1 1/2 hours of instructing of one form or another working on the mechanics of the game but also on the rules of the  game and getting ready for events. We will be  bringing in top  golfers like Walter Keating Jr, and their experiences. Once the  juniors are done the practice they are getting 18 holes of golf on  the course, which is like the courses they will find in Southern  Ontario. They will also get a meal on the golf course, not a normal 
meal but  good from a  nutrition standpoint. It is getting the proper  food in you that will sustain your focus for 18 holes. There wil be  some charting to track their games to be able to fine tune the  training.”
   “  The training and records will show what part of the game needs the most work. In May we will be on Sundays. Once everyone is out of  school it will be most Fridays.  The program will be for kids who  want to be real tournament players. Thunder Bay has had a real issue  with gaining tournament ability for our junior golfers. The golf has  been stagnant for scholarship opportunities. We have the facilities,  the skill sets and great things happening here at Whitewater Golf  Club. We can do it right here.” said  Walter Keating Jr., former 
Canadian Tour player.

  “ We are introducing the junior club  and 20 juniors to competitive  golf instruction and on course play. Today we are going to do some  instruction at the driving range, then have lunch and then go on the  course and teach  some on course etiquette, tournament preparation, 
the honour system when you are on the course and what playing the  game is all about including pre shot routines. Our goal is help with  avoiding letting your nerves get the best of you,” said Dustin  Wilson, age 28,  of Core Golf Academy based in Toronto. “ It is a  great thing in Thunder Bay finally. I came from the junior golf  program here but never had golf lessons until I turned pro when I was  19. Now I have been working in Toronto for the past 9 years with some  of the top professionals in North America like Sean Foley, Tom  Jackson, Jeff Hay,  Dr Craig Davies, a nutritionist and  Dr. Neil  Smith our mental coach who has worked with many PGA players like Mark  O'Meara, Hunter Mahan, Stephen Ames and Sean O'Hair.
   “  It is a pleasure to come back to Whitewater and work with the  team and offer some of my experiences beyond Thunder Bay. You can use  golf as a career as an instructor. It has brought a lot of life  skills to me. I grew up in  the triple A hockey  world  but ended up  in golf which has given me a lot. The harder you work at golf the  better you will be and this applies to life as well,” said Wilson. “   Today we have fifteeen 11 to 16 year olds that have not had much 
instruction before and are interested in getting better. We are going  to get into the swing this week and try to show them how to lower  their scores. I am here to give back to the community. I took this  week off to give back and offer some of my experience. In Toronto and  Orlando at the Core Academy we have been working with Jeff Hunter and  Evan Littlefield who are form Thunder Bay. The goal  is to get them  into US university golf scholarships.”
   “ Today is an introduction to competitive golf. It is part of a  process of steps to make juniors more competitive in golf. I want to  get the kids out of the house, away from the computers and screens  playing games. Part of the problem we are not developing golfers is  they spend little time on golf and more time in front of  computer  and tv screens inside,” said Hank Wilke, Golf Thunder Bay Junior Club  and Junior Convenor for the TBDGA. “ You have to play a lot of golf. 
We played 36 holes a day growing up and now they have instruction  opportunities. It is the evolution of golf. Today they are physically  fit and have mental coaches. I would love to see the  local kids do  well in golf.”

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