Joe Scharf wins 2017 Amateur

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Joe Scharf wins the 2017 Thunder Bay District Amateur by 11 shots!

by Scott A. Sumner

The last long weekend of summer is always the most important for amateur golf with the playing of the Thunder Bay District Amateur  over three days at Chapples, Strathcona and Whitewater. This year 
Thunder Bay’s Joe Scharf won the event for the second time in style!  Even with an 11 shot victory the final day at Whitewater proofed to  be a big learning experience for Scharf.


   “Today was a little bit tricky. I never played with a lead before  especially a 6 shot lead. It was kind of new territory for me and  I found myself making sure I didn't make mistakes, which is not the 
way to play golf. You have to play golf committing to shots, just  striking them. Today was a humungous learning curve for me as far as  just committing to shots, because I didn't do a very good job of 
It.” he said.

   Scharf was trying to play it safe.

  “ If there was trouble left the last thought before I pulled the club back was don’t go left. Even putting a down hill putt I’m  thinking don’t hit this 3 or 4 feet by and I would come up short. I  felt like I played scared golf that is not like me.  I usually  tee  it up and let it rip,” noted Joe Scharf. “ It was a nice feeling 
having a cushion going into today and I’m taking it as a learning  experience for the future if I do get another lead going into the final  day. It was an eye opening experience on how to play in the future.  In the first two days I had maybe 2 or 3 bad shots but today many more but I know I’m swinging well. It was the last thought of don’t make a big number, that was how it kind of played out.”

  The weather was tough especially the first day of the Thunder Bay  District Amateur with umbrellas up and down but Scharf never thought  about danger the first two days, just firing at the middle of the 
fairway and then there is the pin, fire at the middle of the green.


Joe Scharf also won the 2013 Thunder Bay District Amateur and feels  it is a very important tournament.

“As a Thunder Bay amateur golfer this is the big prize. My wife’s  family is from Toronto so by winning this tournament I get to go play  the Ontario amateur in Toronto next July with them there to 
support me. I’m really looking forward to that.”

Joe Scharf was also a Thunder Bay competitive curler but as his kids  got a little bit bigger there was no time between coaching hockey,  work and family to commit to curling. He decided to focus on golf, 
although this year took a little step back because he was coaching  baseball.

“ I kind of have been taking the family route. I didn’t have  high hopes this week but did work pretty hard on my game for the last  few weeks. It just all came together for the first few days and I  was happy to have a nice cushion going into today.  I played lots of  golf, spent time on the range and hit lots of putts. During the summer  I was just focused on having fun with my buddies.”

“ Anytime you can pick up a trophy in golf in this city it is great.  We have many great golfers in the city and some young golfers coming  up. I am getting older and these kids just keep getting better!”

Joe Scharf is 37 years old and his sister is champion curler Krista  McCarville!

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