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International Club Network Enters into an Agreement with Golf Association of Ontario

International Club Network Limited (ICN) announced today it has entered into a multi-year agreement with the Golf Association of Ontario (GAO) to provide savings, advantages and special travel packages to its members.
GAO members have the opportunity to join one of the two programs offered by ICN, the largest alliance of independent private and daily fee clubs in the world.
ICN's Privileged Play program entitles GAO members to high-value benefits such as a 20 per cent reduction on green fees and cart fees at all times, three-day advanced tee time booking privileges ahead of the public, and an annual free round at premium public and resort courses across Canada and increasingly in the United States.
The company's Privileged Access program arranges access for members of private clubs to more than 350 private and daily fee courses around the world. The program is available to GAO members who are members of a reputable private club.
'We are pleased to enter into this agreement with ICN which allows GAO members to take advantage of programs that provide tremendous value and increased opportunities to enjoy great golf courses, spas, ski resorts and other leisure opportunities in Canada and around the world,' said Dave Mills, Executive Director of the GAO. 'The GAO is better able to fulfill its mandate, particularly with public golfers, because ICN's programs are creating a community of golfers which increases frequency of play and enhances the member's understanding of the game,' Mr. Mills added.
Kim Robinson, President and CEO of ICN, said: 'This partnership with the Golf Association of Ontario demonstrates the strength and superior value of ICN's programs which offer significant advantages to golfers, and provide the GAO with enhanced programming to draw more players into the game and expand its membership base.'
Members of Privileged Play have special access to more than 70 courses in Canada including Big Sky, Westwood Plateau, Furry Creek and Nicklaus North in British Columbia, Wolf Creek in Alberta, Angus Glen, Taboo, The Rock, Fire Rock and Hidden Lake in Ontario, Le Geant, Le Diable, The Falcon, Ste-Rose and Le Manoir Richelieu in Quebec, and Bell Bay, Granite Springs and Fox Meadow in Atlantic Canada. Privileged Play members  also enjoy exclusive tournaments, seminars, social events, a 10 per cent savings on golf travel packages and access to ski resorts, spas and other travel opportunities. Privileged Play is specially priced for GAO members. Click here for more information on Privileged Play.
For members of private clubs, Privileged Access offers all the benefits of Privileged Play and much more. Through this program, a club member also gains access to more than 350 mostly private clubs around the world. In addition, ICN will contact private clubs wherever its members may travel, making this benefit virtually unlimited. Privileged Access is also specially priced for GAO members. One must be a member in good standing of a private club to be eligible for this enhanced level of benefits For full details on both programs and to sign up, click here to go
Established in 1894, the GAO is the governing body of amateur golf in Ontario and functions for the benefit of all golfers in the province. Through its affiliation with the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA), the GAO is also involved in national golf affairs.
Established in 1998, International Club Network is a strategic partner with the Club Managers Association of America and the Canadian Society of Club Managers, British Columbia Golf Association, the Association of College and University Clubs, and club managers associations in Great Britain, In addition to gaining access to fabulous private clubs, Privileged Access members may take advantage of some of the finest daily fee and resort golf courses in Canada and the U.S. through ICN's Privileged Play Program.
Privileged Play membership provides the following benefits at local courses and facilities:
20% savings on green fees and carts-  all day, every day,
3-day advanced tee time booking privileges ahead of the public,
FREE round of golf annually with cart when played with another full paying guest, at fine courses such as Taboo, Big Sky, Le Geant, Fairmont Algonquinand Wolf Creek.
The Privileged Play Program is also available separately to golfers who are not members of private clubs; however, the Privileged Access private club program and facilities are not available to these purely public golfers.

'This leading edge concept is the greatest single initiative to add value to a club member's membership that I have seen in 30 years of working with private clubs.' James B Singerling Chief Executive Officer Club Managers Association of America.
For more information on the Privileged Access program, logon to and for Privileged Play, to or contact: Jim Lee 250-592-5598 privaccess%23com|jimlee

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