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 A New Way to Play

  GolfLogix has developed breakthrough 3D mapping technology and paired it with the information from yardage books used by professional golfers to reintroduce Putt Breaks, the game-changing way to read and analyze greens.

  I tried out the new system on Hole 7 at Whitewater Golf Club, Rosslyn Ontario and the yardage measurements etc are excellent. The more indepth measurements on the green are coming soon to Canada!






Start improving your game with the Putt Breaks feature, just download the GolfLogix app.

The Game Changing Way

to Read Greens

* Read your putt in a matter of seconds with one-touch putt reading
* Navigate the course with vivid 3D maps that intelligently adjust
* Maps auto-orient based on the user?s position
* Zoom and pan to see the green map from every angle
* Draw a line from the ball to the cup, then see how your putt will break



With over 4 million users worldwide, this game-changing app provides golfers will accurate GPS distances, in-round pro-level stat tracking and the revolutionary feature, Putt Breaks. From tee to green, GolfLogix provides the information you need to reduce strokes and Play Smarter.

GPS Maps

* 35,000+ interactive 3D course maps - virtually every golf course mapped
* Move target to determine the yardage to any point on the fairway or green
* Get the exact distance to every hazard and layup on the course

Stats Tracking

* Easy to record in-round pro-level stats and scoring
* Analyze your stats and scores for every hole and round
* Patented club tracking for the location and distance of every shot

 I look forward to trying this new green feature soon when it is available at our course Whitewater Golf Club, Rosslyn, Ontario



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