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Exciting New Option To Play Many Golf Courses

by Scott A. Sumner
   The Thunder Bay business community has just grown by one with an innovative new internet based company called  "Golf courses are always looking to attract more people to their course.  They have the ability to get people out during a down time.  If the spot is empty it doesn't cost anything to fill it.  That's where we come in," smiles Brad Jorgenson, who is a partner  "Once you are at the golf course you can buy stuff in the pro shop, at the restaurant and spend money in different areas.  If the spot was open anyways it doesn't cost the course anything and that is the whole idea."
     Golf courses can join for free.  They offer incentives restricted usually to their slower periods depending on the course.  It is a membership based program with a cost of $30.00 to the golfer which gives the member the ability to go online and gain access to all the incentives the courses are offering.  You just log on with your membership number and password and then choose your incentive, print off a coupon which has your name on it and present that to the course.  "It  is absolutely free for the courses to participate.  There are a number of these programs out there as we have five competitors in Minnesota but we are different than most," notes Jorgenson.  "We made it internet based, because it allows a lot more control for the courses as opposed to a published or printed card which has to stay the same for the whole year.  On the internet the course have the ability to alter, add or change.  We can add a new course anytime so in that regard the more control the course has the better offers they can give.  We also have the data base of all of our members.  The courses can then email on mass with a special offer to all or one of our three regions.  If Whitewater Golf Club in Thunder Bay wants to do promotion to all of the members in the Twin Cities area they can choose just those members."
    The way of the world today is the internet and used local web developer Element and Stein to produce the site.  Brad Jorgenson is the managing partner and has a silent partner as well.
     "We started last fall just prior to Christmas by partnering with major newspapers in each region of Thunder Bay, Duluth and the Twin Cities - with the Chronicle Journal, Duluth News Tribune and Pioneer Press.  They  run an ad and get a percentage of sales," states Jorgenson.  "We had a real good response before Christmas and are looking to have around 2000 to 3000 members in each city with up to 5000 in the Twin Cities.  Right now it is speculative as to how many members we will achieve."
    Jorgenson went around to all the golf courses in the areas to get them on the program.  "They like the ability to control it themselves, by getting access to the site and making changes to their incentives as well as being able to do a mass email to everyone with membership drives or tournaments," states Jorgenson.  "It is an opportunity for them to exploit.  It is free so the onus is on the courses to be as creative as they want to market themselves.  We don't dictate to them, it's their course."
     Brad Jorgenson is an avid golfer of about a 8 handicap and was familiar with many of the different programs out there that offer golf discounts.  "Our program offers a wide range of benefits by getting discounted golf rounds.  You can use it in every region and it will be good in every other region as we expand to other areas," notes Jorgenson.  "We are early into it but is going well so far.  You can also get deals on hotels, car rentals  or restaurants at  In the future we will sell advertising on the web site."

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