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Building A Custom Home On A Golf Course Part 2

by Scott A.Sumner
   Last month we left off our article at the start of the basement on my new house at King Georges Estates at the beautiful Whitewater Golf Club.  Much has happened since then with the pouring of the basement by Vic Miller and his staff at FormTech.  Vic is someone I knew previously from snowmobiling.  He is a snowmobile addict, like myself and during the summer is busy pouring concrete, doing some 100 jobs in a good year.  Vic grew up in Newfoundland in a family who did this work so he learned it from the ground up.  Silvio DiGregorio of Whitewater had informed me that the basement is a key element to a home construction and I know he is right.
   Having Vic Miller, a graduate from LU in forestry, made me feel very comfortable.  His staff of about 8 were on site and performed their work very quickly and efficiently in about two days, the result being a sturdy looking foundation in which to start the construction.  Next on site were some Bruno's staff who did the weeping tiles work and other seals as well as back filling the completed basement.  The basement floor is not poured until the roof is complete I learned.
    Now that the basement is complete a next important step was ordering your windows.  The windows can take 4 to 6 weeks to be manufactored, so you need to be on this right away.  We chose A & R Ross for our CDW windows.  This long time Thunder Bay company is very good at new home construction, supplying windows to most of the new construction in this area.  A key choice here is colour.  The window colour selection creates the entire colour schematic of your home.  We started with our exterior colours and then moved to the roof  tiles and then windows.
     Wanson Lumber supplies Brunos a product called James Hardy board which I have selected to cover the entire house.  I'd seen this material on golf course homes on Vancouver Island recently and it just looks so good in a rural setting.  The looks  is like wood, comes in 12 colours but is a concrete based product for durability.  My mom and I choose a rich taupe colour with a second just lighter high lite.  This would go well with the sandstone exterior window we had chosen.  Triad Contracting was my next stop to make the roof look good.  In my case the roof will have a high pitch so be quite predominent in the overall look.  The new Horizon weather wood seemed to be perfect to compliment our other colour choices.  It was then back to visit with Kirk of A & R Ross.  His help in choosing the windows was invaluable.  It is so important to make sure your window sizes compliment your design.  We made all the window on the golf course side of the house wider and added an extension on the top.  My home will have 9 foot ceilings throughout as well as a cathedral ceiling in the living and dining great room area.  The window selection will fit this dimension and make it look good.  We also added some imbedded mini blinds in out patio doors as well as a decorative grill in the side lite on the main entrance door.  The bedroom windows were made longer to match or flow with the wall better.  Overall we got a great window selection thanks to the input of Kirk!
   Around this time I had the opportunity to see the Brunos Luxury Townhome development open house.  If you have seen these units (Open House every Saturday 2 to 4pm) you will see the advantages of having an interior decorator.  I met Lori Kaustinen of Interior Expressions and we decided to have her help in our house.  Our first meeting she confirmed our current colour selection were bang on - excellent.  Lori has many ideas on the finishing on this home.
   "We'll make this house sing" laughed Lori and it made me feel  more confident immediately.  I feel my taste is good in design but as much input as possible in creating a custom home is a good thing!  In next months column the hammering continues.

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