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Toronto Area Golf Course Copper Creek Very Impressive Layout

by Scott A. Sumner
    The Toronto area of southern Ontario is where the bulk of our population in Canada lives.  The GTA, as it is known, has almost half of our 30 million population with Toronto around 3 million alone.  It is the economic engine of our country and this has created a premium on land.  However, Canadians do love their golf and even in the high population areas there are some great golf course layouts.  This June I was able to play a great new course just north of Toronto off Hwy 27 in Kleinburg, On. See
     This 18 hole course has four sets of tees : copper, blue, white and red and ranges from 7100 to 5300 yards in length.  The course owned by two wealthy Toronto area contractors who have developed a niche catering to the many corporate golf events that are held each year.  Remember the Toronto area is our financial district in Canada and has many head offices located here.
   The first striking thing you notice about Copper Creek is the stunning clubhouse.  This 44,000 square foot facility is certainly one of the finest you'll see and allow for many activities to occur on any given day.  You get great views of this structure from many vantages on the course and it gives you a feel of luxury.
   Darryl Hagridge is the Head Golf Professional at Copper Creek.  "The course was built two years ago and took roughly two years to complete.  There are two families who own Copper Creek - Silvio Degasperis and a home construction company,' states Darryl Hagridge.  We hold a number of golfing tournaments throughout the year.  The main banquet hall holds up to 550 people.  On any given day we can hold a golf tournament with 144 people and two weddings all at the same time.  We have two rooms for banquets.  which is quite nice."
    "We are averaging about 32,000 rounds per year  which is fairly good.  A portion of those or about 13,000 go to tournaments.  The course is strictly public,' says Hagridge.  "Our green fee in prime time is $156.35 including tax with shared use of a golf cart and ange balls before you play.  That is Monday through Friday and weekends and holidays before noon.  We have a off hour fee which is $ 118.90 that's in effect weekends and holidays after 12 noon."
       We are fairly solid on our tee times.  Through out the week we have a number of corporate events which pretty much run Monday through Friday, June, July, August and  September are very busy for us.  We try to keep the weekends open for strictly public play,' says Hagridge. "The average round at Copper Creek is 4 1/2 hours.  I think it is a great design.  It gives you mixture of the new look golf course as there are 11 holes up top which are more of a wide open concept.  We also have 7 holes in the valley which are more of a traditional tree lined layout so it gives you a combination of the new and the old, which is very nice."
    In the golf department there are about 50 staff, including a maintenance staff of 40  at Copper Creek.  Food and Beverage operations can mean an additional 100 to 150 people working at any given time.  I really enjoyed playing Copper Creek.  It is quite a challenge, but allows most players to feel comfortable by choosing the tee that matches their golf abilities.  I especially liked the variety of holes including those in the valley.  The half way point food stop provided a great sausage and cookie break!  For further information visit

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