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Privately Owned Conley Resort Has Great Golf

by Scott A.Sumner
   Wayne Conley is the owner of the Conley Resort in Butler County, Pennsylvania.  The resort complete with hotel rooms right on the closing 18th hole, restaurant and bar facilities and pool and water slide caters to the golfer who will stay for aw eekend or three or four day period each year.  The 18 hole course was built in 1962 and the Conley family came in the early 70s.  "My family bought the course in the  early 70s.  Since that time the rest of my family has left and I'm here with my own family now.  Early on it was a pony farm," stated Wayne Conley.  "Our family was in the hotel business and this golf course came up for sale.  We purchased it and built the additional rooms around the pool area and put in the water slide and water park.  We also changed pretty much every hole on the course, put in 40 sand traps, did things with ponds and doubled our irrigation system.  Some money has been spent trying to make the course as nice as we can make it.  We are land locked but are doing as much as we can with what we have here land wise."
    The Conley Resort will get about 20,000 rounds of play a year.  During the week it is $42 for green fees with a cart and on the weekends it is $52.  The season is mid April to mid October.  In the winter the resort is open when their indoor water park which keeps things busy with families and events.  "We try to keep the staff a little busy in the winters. T he golf is mostly package deals.  One group is leaving and another comes in.  They stay 3 or 4 days on average.  There are different packages based on whether it is unlimited golf or one round per day and is customized to every group.  They come mainly from Ohio, New York and southern Canada.  This is the month for Canadians as conditions are good here compared to at home for them," notes Conley.
   Do you play lots of golf when you own a golf course?  "Yes Im hooked.  I play a lot of golf.  I'm not very good but I play a lot," smiles Conley, a 10 handicap.  "I'm in charge of quality control, I have to keep checking the conditions of the course.  I shoot around 80 usually.  There are a couple of dog legs that are hard to judge at first - to place your ball in the right spot.  Like any western Pennyslvania course it is a little hilly with some different lies to contend with.  You have to learn how to play the course.  I love the people who come here.  99% of the people are coming to have a good time.  All we do is accomadate them."

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