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CN Canadian Womens Open at St Charles

 Exciting Event

by Scott A. Sumner
    Seeing the top women golfers in the world perform was something I was looking forward to and when I knew they would be coming to Winnipeg, a short distance away from where I live to a classic Donald Ross course, I know I would have to be there. Earlier this year
I had seen Senior golfers like Jack Nicklaus perform in Maui and regular PGA members at Augusta and Toronto. The women would complete a great season for me of watching exceptional golfers of all type perform the game we love.


  The first thing I noticed about the LPGA stars at St Charles Country Club was their great abilities hitting the ball. In fact watching 20 year old Michelle Wie hit her drives almost 300 yards on  the practice range or 24 year old Paula Creamer hit her irons so pure was fun to see. These women are great athletes and gave me a better understanding of their abilities. I think they could compete anywhere in the game of golf. They take their game seriously and the level of concentration seemed evident watching them on the course. As I was staying in their official hotel is was also fun to interact with the golfers traveling back and forth to the course in the shuttle vans and seeing them in the hotel lobby. The volunteers at the CN Canadian Women’s Open were just fantastic to deal with and always had a driver ready for me to travel the 20 minute ride to St Charles Country Club. They were extremely friendly and proved how nice a people the Manitobans can be. It was fun to see two players in particular I was very interested in seeing at the event. Paula Creamer had just won the US Women’s Open this year and is known for her pink look. The 24 year old Californian showed me first hand what it means to persevere when she woke up on the Saturday sick with food poisoning and still finished her round at 2 under par. That day I watched her warm up and it was obvious to see her discomfort which she overcame.

    The phenomenal Michelle Wie also held quite a bit of interest for me and I was able to see her in the hotel lobby, warm up on the  range, talk in the interview room and compete on the course. At 6 feet tall she is quite an imposing figure for a woman and can really  overpower on the golf course. Her drives averaged 294 yards for the week and I noticed she was hitting 4 iron on some 190 yard Par 3’s where her playing partners were using some kind of hybrid clubs. It was great to see her win the CN Canadian Women’s Open in a fairly dominating style, her second LPGA win after such promise starting out as a 15 year old. In 2000 I saw first hand Tiger Woods win the Bell Canadian Open. Perhaps this will be the start of a new dominance in
women's golf for Michelle Wie as well. It will be fun to watch her progress!

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