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Canadian Golf Hall of Fame Museum A Must Visit


By Scott A. Sumner

     If you are in the Toronto area a visit to Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville will also provide you with the opportunity to see Canada’s golf history. During the 2008 RBC Canadian Open I was able to do just that as well as hear a strong supporter of the facility Dick Grimm, former RCGA executive, introduce several members of the Golf Hall of Fame.

    Marlene Streit is a famed amateur Canadian golfer. “ Touring the museum is like playing 9 holes of golf- fun to do!” Streit said who had a long time friend from Argentina with her. “ A great thing about golf is the friends you make along the way.”
    Also at the event was perhaps Canada top golf writer, Lorne Rubenstein, the Globe and Mail newspaper’s golf columnist and author of several books. Rubenstein always had  a deep interest in golf and the history of the game. “ My father played football for the Winnipeg Blue
Bombers so we had lots of interest in sports growing up.  After retiring he had a small automotive shop in Toronto where I would make deliveries and always stop at Scarborough GC and  watch golfers play the 18 th hole,” said Lorne Rubenstein.  “ I was at university taking a PHD program destined to be  a professor when I found out the RCGA was moving their offices to Glen Abbey from downtown Toronto.   So I  came out wanting to help with the memorabilia and got a job a couple days a week organizing. Later I caddied a bit on the PGA and starting writing for the Globe & Mail  as a columnist. Later we started SCORE magazine where I was the first editor. Here  it is 28 years later and I am still involved in the game. I left the PHD work to be involved in golf. I am pleased and honoured to have played a role in the game with my 

Sandra Post, former LPGA member has been in the Hall for 20 some years. Born in Oakville she  stated golf at the Oakville Golf Course at 9 years of age. “ Glen Abbey was just a field back them. The time was right with Jack and the RCGA and they developed Glen Abbey.  I left in
1968 to be the first LPGA player from Canada and played for 17 years,” said Sandra Post.  “ I am a purist and know how many other countries don’t have a place like this- the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. Walking through here is like walking through time. Ican’t say enough about Glen
Abbey here in Oakville. It is always exciting and the course looks good and plays well.”

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