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Calloway Golf Demonstrates What’s New For 2012


by Scott A. Sumner

   It was  a packed driving range at the Whitewater Golf Club in Thunder Bay when the new 2012 Calloway Golf products were available to try out for interested golfers. Ted Hanlon is  the Outside Representative for Calloway Golf Canada based in Winnipeg covering east to Marathon, north
to Flin Flon and west to the Saskatchewan border.  He has  over 80 accounts to service and is on the road a lot for 4 months starting in early May.

Ted Hanlon, Calloway Golf Canada, Matt Simmons, Director of Golf , Whitewater Golf Club and Geoff Morrow, Calloway Gollf Canada at Signature Hole River  4 at Whitewater Gollf Club, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  “ We have two new golf balls for 2012, one tour ball the Hex Black Tour and the  Hex Chrome ball. The Hex Black Tour  is a 5 piece ball and the  best ball on the market in our opinion. It has the hex aerodynamics, a 2 piece core and 2 piece boundary layer and the cover was 4 years in the making. It has the best spin separation and durability is much better than in the past. We call it the superball because there are no compromises. The tour players we sponsor all play this ball, notes Hanlon. “ We offer a chrome ball as well which is a 3 piece ball, much softer but it won’t go as far. It is a better ball for the average player  with  a 95 MPH and lower swing speed. The Hex Black
tour is good for those with a 95 MPH and higher swing speed. It is also better aerodynamically. These days the balls are 4 piece and more. The goal is to have less spin off driver and more spin off short game. Before you would have one or the other and today with this ball there are less compromises.”
   The biggest news in woods at Calloway for 2012 is  the Razor Fit Driver  that is an adjustable driver which is new for Calloway.  It is a good looking driver for the better players, 440 cc. There are great spins rates and lots of shaft options according to Hanlon. “ It has simple adjustability with basically 5 or 6 setting which gives you enough adjustability to fit  98 % of the guys in the game. We also have a Razor Black driver for the average golfer.”
    Calloway has  two new lines of irons, the Razor Black and the Razor High Launch. The High Launch replaces the Bertha as  their super game improvement. The Razor Black is a little more streamlined looking. “ We also have the new Razor XF irons which are a super game improvement
club but great looking.  You can get it in the air and go straight and  it is unbelievable how well it works.” smiles Hanlon.
   There is lots happening with Calloway Golf in 2012!

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