Aveo Riding Big and Tall Wave

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Aveo Riding Big and Tall Wave

ROGERS, AR - Aveo, the golf clothing manufacturer dedicated to big and tall men, appears to be a trend-setter in golf. Servicing this market segment is now seemingly all the rage, according to a recent article in fashion staple Women's Wear Daily.
On March 15, the iconic publication ran an article about a popular modeling agency that's hiring big and tall male models, and creating a new more marketable term to describe the plus-size men's category: brawn. Officials claim that the term has a positive message pertaining to physical strength.
Other popular magazines have recently used plus-sized female models to showcase the likes of bathing suits, and now it's time for their male counterparts to be in the spotlight. One member of this new breed of male models said in the article that for work, he's required to dress fashionably yet he has size issues, and that while he doesn't consider himself obese, certain stores don't carry his size.
"It's about time that other people join our cause and understand the dilemma of finding fashionable clothing," says Aveo co-founder Darius Hicks. "Hey, we all want to wear nice, stylish clothes that look good on us. I love that big and tall men are becoming more in the spotlight."
Aveo golf clothing is currently available at Haggin Oaks, Golfdom stores and online at the websites of Dick's Sporting Goods, Golfsmith, TGW, Austad's, kingparsuperstore.com, rockbottomgolf.com. Carl's Golfland and Golf Town Canada, as well as at Aveogolf.com. To view the apparel and place an order on AveoGolf.com go to: http://www.aveogolf.com/#!shop/t2bi8

About Aveo
Aveo was founded in 2012 by big guys Darius Hicks and Randy Peaches. The company mission is to help other big and tall golfers feel confident and empowered both on and off the course.  We want each of our loyalists to embody the "Play Fearlessly" mentality and showcase it in their everyday attitudes. Aveo headquarters is located in Rogers, Arkansas.

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