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Antigua Taps Spandex in its Spring 2017 Men’s Collection


  Emphasizing an updated fabric story, the Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand – announced it’s using spandex in its Spring 2017 Men’s Collection.
“Almost every style has incorporated this fiber into the construction of fashion fabrics for both function and form, eliminating any garmnt resistance throughout the golf swing and offering an enhanced supple
hand, smooth drape and renewed recovery with every use,” says Sean Gregg, Antigua’s Vice President of Product Development and Marketing Support.
The self collar style Sustain takes a solid piece-dyed jersey/spandex top shoulder detail and contrasts it against a heather over-dyed pointelle mesh -- the latter of which offers breathability while wicking. The main body fabric is a subdued color shade compared to its jersey complement, based on the use of heather yarns softening the color tones. The two fabrics meet at the shoulder-sleeve seam, where a
neutral elastic heather tape overlaps the seam to complete the seamless merge.
Utilizing the same detailed complexity of fabric paired with style, this season’s style Streak incorporates a simply engineered chest and sleeve panel of primary brights complemented by a grey heather jersey
front torso panel. The contrast of the engineered color and neutral horizontal chest stripe is separated with this season’s primary pop accent colors. Strategically knit into the divisional color separation
is a near-invisible pairing of horizontal mesh stripes that add a textured surface interest with breathability.

Style Array features a jacquard double knit fabric built for breathability but disguised as an all-over, 45-degree-angled geometric mesh pattern. A self collar is set against contrasting, yet complementing accent shoulder seam tape distinguishes it as a true fashion style.
This season’s stripe collection offers fresh vitality in contrasting colors. Incorporating spandex yarns into a fine jersey knit gives the simplest of stripe patterns a charged appeal. A solid-and-heather tonal
feed stripe combined with heather overdyed insets -- as seen on the self collar style Orbit -- demonstrates this with sophisticated, simplistic appeal. The solid quarter-inch, all-over repeat of style
Strand dyed together with a complementing tonal pinstripe and finished with a matching flat knit collar is a fresh take on the classic golf feed stripe. And style Domain’s use of tonal and contrasting accent
stripes oscillating in a light-to-dark ombre pattern makes this self collar jersey/spandex polo a centerpiece garment for the collection.
Using a self collar as a complementing accent to the boldly patterned style Infinite embellishes its fresh mix of color-on-color stripes, making it a must-have in every color combination this season. Style
Havoc is the epitome of the fashion polo in Antigua’s Spring ’17 collection, with its use of variegating space dye yarns. Using yarns dyed in colors specific to this season’s collection, it’s been knit in
an engineered pattern repeat consisting of alternating space dye and solid yarns that creates an ever lightening, sophisticated tonal effect.
Antigua continues to embellish textured solids this season by adding an abstract geometric all-over embossed interlock style. Style Survey creates an optical effect of light and shadow that brings this solid
style to life with a golfer’s every movement. To enhance its sophisticated fashion appeal, it’s created using an un-embossed solid self collar and cuff interlock making for a truly handsome piece.

Completing this season’s polo offering is a sublimation print with strategically engineered front and back panels. Purposely designed with a color-to-white gradient and solid-to-geometric stripe detail, style Finesse fully demonstrates the depth of this season’s primary colors as they wash to white. It’s both a fun and active styling fit to the collection.

Men's Outerwear
 - Focusing on an updated fabric story, the Antigua Group, Inc. - one of the nation's leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel under the distinguished Antigua brand – announces its Spring


2017 Men’s Outerwear Collection.
“It’s a diverse offering of style, fabric, weight and content,” says Sean Gregg, Antigua’s Vice President of Product Development and Marketing Support. “Designed for practicality and style appeal, this
season has all that’s needed in outerwear to complement Antigua’s polos while offering golfers the ability to layer as needed.”
Style Vista is a creatively constructed loopback, two-color twill face fabric. Designed as a mid-weight, long sleeve, half-zip outerwear garment, the tonal twill knit in this season’s rich shades is set off
with contrasting elastic tape sewn into coverstitch seam details -- creating a color block pop of complementing color. Its reverse coil zipper is enhanced with the same corresponding accent colors, to bring the accent front-and-center.
One of the most versatile outerwear pieces this season, style Regime combines a heather neutral twill knit with a solid jacquard lightweight stretch woven style -- it’s a great lightweight outerwear layering
garment. Golfers can barely feel the fabric’s weight throughout their swing.  Because of its lightweight breathability, it can be left on even as morning temperatures progress towards midday.
Style Promenade is a mid-weight complement to the polo collection and more specifically to the bird’s eye effect used throughout the fashion pique offering. Its use of primary color and white yarn evenly knit
into a solid fabric optically creates a mid hue shade of its originally saturated primary color. It uses both sides of the fabric, creating a tonal color block effect style, and can be worn actively or casually.
“As Antigua’s Spring ’17 outerwear offering looks to mirror the design direction incorporated in the polo collection, there’s also an element of sophistication that’s interpreted in the outerwear offering,” says

Lightweight style Tsunami is created with heather and solid feed stripes undulating as a horizontal all-over repeat. The color’s subtlety is circumstantial to the heather yarn being used to define the
stripe pattern. A derivative of the tight repeating feed stripe seen in the main fabric has been isolated and knit into a pattern variation of the main fabric. This derivative fabric is then utilized as a
complementing inset fabric in the garment’s side panels, to enhance the design of the long sleeve, half-zip outerwear style. The placket zipper showcases contrasting color nylon coil teeth that tie the garment to the season’s vibrant color stories.
Perhaps the most directional outerwear style of the Spring ’17 performance fashion collection is the Arctic Pullover. With two uniquely different fabric constructions that make up this long sleeve
mid-to-heavyweight garment, it’s intentionally understated. Its front body panel is double knit into a quilted diamond pattern using heather yarns and is pieced together with singularly knit jersey heather
sleeves and back fabric. The fabrics are overdyed in deep hues corresponding to bright shades. This half-zip, long sleeve pullover is handsomely sophisticated and is a multifunctional lifestyle garment
that can complement golf wear, dining out, and a casual pair of jeans.

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