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Breakthrough Aerodynamic Technology of Adams Golf's Speedline

           Drivers Increase Clubhead Speed and Distance

PLANO, Texas, Jan. 14, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading a fundamental change in the modern theory of golf club design, Adams Golf(Nasdaq:ADGF) introduces a groundbreaking lineup of products: Speedline

Drivers and Hybrid-Fairway Woods. The drivers are designed to create

less drag and airflow turbulence, thereby increasing clubhead speed and

distance. The hybrid-fairway woods continue to redefine the fairway

wood category by combining the playability of a hybrid with the

distance of a fairway wood.

Speedline Drivers

The aerodynamic shaping of the Speedline drivers creates less drag and

airflow turbulence, resulting in an impressive three to four M.P.H.

faster clubhead speed and three to nine yards more distance. Backed by

data from the Oran W. Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel at Texas A&M

University and in consultation with aero-physicists, Adams Golf

engineers created a patent pending design for Speedline that includes

an aero-shaped crown, heel and toe scoops, and improved face-to-body

transition, all of which minimize drag and improve airflow around the

head. Further Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) testing proved that

the advanced Speedline driver design performed with attached and

efficient air pressure on the body, thereby increasing club head speed.

This revolutionary technology is forecasted to have the same

game-changing effect on the industry as high-COR drivers.

"We saw an opportunity when the extreme geometry drivers continually

tested with higher drag and lower clubhead speed," said Scott Burnett,

Director of Advanced Product Development. "By changing the aerodynamic

properties of the face and crown in order to keep the airflow attached,

we were able to deliver a significant distance advantage for the

average player and tour pro alike."

The Speedline Driver garnered its first win in October with Adams Golf

Tour Staff Pro and 2008 Champions Tour Player of the Year Bernhard

Langer at the Administaff Small Business Classic in The Woodlands,

Texas. The Speedline Driver's success continued in November when it was

in the hands of the winner of the Champions Tour Charles Schwab Cup

Championship in Sonoma, Calif. and the LPGA's winner of the Hana Bank

KOLON Championship in Korea.

Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Woods

The Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Woods feature the playability of a hybrid

and the distance of a fairway wood. By utilizing internal heel-toe

weighting and advanced Boxer Technology, these forgiving hybrid-fairway

woods offer MOI that is 12% higher than conventional fairway woods.

With a 15% lower center of gravity, they deliver higher launch and

better feel compared to standard fairway woods, meaning more distance

is now a reality for most players. The increased sole camber from heel

to toe also makes the Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Woods easy to hit from

the fairway and from a variety of lies. Two of the top-20 in the World

Ranking have already adopted the Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood in

competition, putting them in play at the season-ending Tour


"We've consistently seen tour pros switching from traditional fairway

woods to our hybrid-fairway woods because of the dependable performance

and playability similar to their hybrids. If a player likes hybrids

then they will love these fairway wood replacement clubs," says Tim

Reed, Vice President of Research and Development.

Models, Pricing and Shipping

Speedline will ship to golf shops in early February and are available

in two versions, Standard and Draw. All models feature the high

performance Graffalloy ProLaunch Axis shafts with SmartPly Technology.

The suggested retail price for the Speedline and Speedline Draw Drivers

is $399.99. The suggested retail price for the Speedline and Speedline

Draw Hybrid-Fairway Woods is $229.99. Available lofts are as follows:

  Speedline Driver:       8.5*, 9.5* and 10.5* lofts in right-handed

                          9.5* and 10.5* lofts for left-handed

  Speedline Draw Driver:  9.5*, 10.5*, 12.5* and HL lofts for


                          10.5* and HL lofts for left-handed

  Speedline Hybrid-Fairway Wood:       3+, 3 and 5 for right-handed

                                       3 and 5 for left-handed

  Speedline Draw Hybrid-Fairway Wood:  3, 5 and 7 for right-handed

                                       3 and 5 for left-handed

Additional information on the technology behind the entire lineup of

Speedline products can be found at

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