Acura And Calloway Come Togeth

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Acura And Calloway Come Together To Promote Their Products

by Scott A. Sumner
   Golfers recently had a chance to try out new Calloway drivers on the range at the Whitewater Golf Club and then hop into a new 2010 Acura for a test drive. Acura has sponsored the telecast of the Masters for the last two years and is interested in reaching the golfer for their

“We are letting golfers see their swing on a system they use on the PGA Tour. It features launch, spin, angle of the ball, club head speed and other information. We use that information to help people choose a better driver and at the same time, they have the ability to test drive
an Acura car. It is a positive experience related to Calloway and Acura,” said William Shanks, Brand Investor for Acura promoting Acura and Calloway brands.
“Today we are focused on the driver. They use their own driver first and then we put them into a stiffer or light shaft or a club with more or less loft. Calloway has the new FTI Z which has a slimmer profile so is more aerodynamic with a great sweet spot. It gives you a greater
MOI Moment of Inertia which equals the greatest sweet spot so you will gain yardage on the shot,” said Shanks. “ Car wise we have the ZDX, a SUV coupe with less practicability than say the MDX but handles better and looks better. It was launched as a low volume car and
retails for $60,000. Today at Whitewater we have had a great response to both Calloway and Acura.”

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