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Robert Cumming Wins 75Th Strathcona Invitational in Style

by Scott A. Sumner
  This years Strathcona Invitational was special.  This version was the 75th and tournament chairman Bob Cumming, a man of much tradition had many activities to celebrate the history of this prestigious event.  On a personal note it was fun to play a team event on Thursday with past champions and sponsors of the Strathcona Invitational.  This years tournament was won by local golfer Robert Cumming, a past champion and son of Bob Cumming making it a special time for the entire Cumming family.
      "I started golfing, ever since I can remember.  The first year I got a membership here at Strathcona was when I was 8 years old.  My dad was a golfer and when I started I would always golf with him."  noted Robert Cumming in an interview after his win.  Robert Cumming, age 28, was on a golf scholarship in the states for 4 years at Missouri Baptist in St Louis.  "It went alright , nothing spectacular but I did decently there in NAI Division 1," notes Cumming who previous to this year also won the Strathcona Invitational in 1996 and have been in every one since then.  "I came close in 1997 and 1999, making the finals.  This year things just went my way.  I got the breaks when I needed them, made the putts when I needed to and when I needed a little help from my opponents I got it."
     Cumming  won his first match on 16, the second at 20 holes against Kyler Murphy where he was three down with seven to go but somehow tied it up.  I wasnt playing that well but he let me back in with a couple mistakes and I took advantage . notes Cumming.  Then it was another tough match against Mark Willanen where Cumming won 1 up on the 18th.  "Mark is a good player.  When he reaches back hes got those extra 10 to 20 yards that most of us don't have" smiles Cumming.  "The weather was pretty hot, but not ridiculously hot.  You just had to drink lots of water and stay in the shade when you could."
    In the final Robert Cumming played well.  "Unfortunately my opponent, Hank Wilke, had a tough day so he made it easy on me.  I just tried to play solid, make pars and the odd birdie," states Cumming who work for the city in the recreation department.  I don't have a goal in golf.  I play the competitive tournaments and try hard to do well but have no real goals to play on a higher level.  I did when I was younger but at a certain point you realize you just dont have the game for that.  I like to compete here as there are lots of good golfers around here to test my skills against."
      "This years tournament  was great overall.  I think all the festivities were excellent - the dinner and the match on Thursday I loved.  I had a few grueling matches that weren't so fun and was lucky enough to come out on top so you cant beat that," notes Cumming.  "It is a tough weekend.  Today I technically won three matches as I had to finish off my second match this morning."
    Does Robert Cumming work hard preparing for a tournament like the Strathcona Invitational?  "By my standards I prepped hard.  I practiced my short game.  I am not known as a particularly hard worker at the game but the last few weeks I have tried to practice my short game as that is where I am little weak," states Cumming.  The young golfer does not have a fitness regime.  He will be am going to Geraldton for a tournament and also play the Thunder bay District Amateur.
"I play quite quite a bit, say 9 holes three or four times a week and on the weekends the tournaments.  Any win is good but if you grew up at Strathcona this is it, the one you want to win.  It is especially true this year as my dad was chairman and the 75th meant a lot to him.  I guess it will mean a little more now that I won."  smiles Cumming. 


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