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Carnoustie Sportswear's Essentials for the Fall 16' Season

by Scott A. Sumner

 There is so much to choose from in golf apparel. My goal is to create a timeless professional look when I am on the course. Carnoustie has certainly provided that  with their extensive fall collection.

The weather has been spectacular this fall in Canada which has provided golf into November! The high qulaity of workmanship from Carnoustie is very evident in my golf shirt and pullover. You should check them out online or at your golf retailer.

The Classic Collection is composed of blues, blacks, white and grey hues for fall 16’. The Desert Collection brings the fall 16’ season to life with its orange, white, brown, and grey color-ways. The Resort Collection has shed a light on the Fall 16’ apparel. This collection includes brighter blue and green hues that are mixed with greys and blacks to keep consistent with fall colors. Staying consistent with the previous seasons each collection includes a variety of polos, lightweight cotton interlock outerwear, cotton suede outerwear, belts and trousers.


For the Fall 16’ season Carnoustie has focused on new additions for the brand which includes collaboration pieces from Aristo18 and Nexbelt. In addition they have just released a Carnoustie Tech line that host the brands full performance line.


The Lightweight Cotton Interlock Sweater (identify a specific piece) would be a great piece to keep you warm during the colder months ahead.  This collection was developed a few seasons ago because sometimes a garment that is a little lighter in weight than our brushed fleece is all you need. Nothing affords easier layering than an easy on/off full zip jacket and ours stands out as it is casual yet elegant.

Another focal piece from the fall 16’ Collection is our jacquard. For Fall 16 our collection of mercerized cotton knits continues to evolve. Neater, more subtle  jacquard patterns and tonal designs are still trending. And, we continue to focus on small details which can add interest such as contrasting button thread, contrasting colors on the underside of collars and placket construction.

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